Symptoms And Treatment Of Schizoaffective Disorder

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Dee Fleming, as do many Americans, has someone in her immediate family who suffers from a mental disorder. Her son is mentally ill with schizoaffective disorder. Schizoaffective disorder causes a person to lose their sense of reality and also causes severe mood changes. Throughout his life, her son has had multiple mental breakdowns. He would often leave the house during his intense mood swings, lose sense of reality, and then suddenly reappear a day or two later with visible injuries (Brown).
One day in April 2014, he was oddly calm but confused and unresponsive at the same time. Mrs. Fleming took him to the Swedish Medical Center where she told them that he was suicidal. Instead of taking him in for a few days and treating his medical disorder they sent him away. Then two days, later he took dozens of prescription pills, doused himself in gasoline in the front yard and then set himself on fire. A passing police officer was able to save him and keep him alive until the ambulance came (Brown).
He was treated for his burns, but nothing was done about his mental condition. After treating his burns, the doctors sent him home. The state of Colorado refused to have him admitted for intense psychiatric care. He was instead sent to a transitional home and still struggles to this day with no real treatment options (Brown).
Does the mental health care system not have a problem? If it was just Mrs. Flemings’ son it might not be such a national crisis. Hundreds of thousands of other
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