Symptoms And Treatment Of Schizophrenia

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Schizophrenia is a public health issue affecting 1% of the world population. Its disorders are characterized in general by distortions of thinking and perception, and by inappropriate or blunted affections. It still raises many doubts, anxieties and prejudices in relatives, friends and the entire society. The importance of overcoming the disease denial and prejudices is essential for the proper development of treatment. Gatherings from psychological and psychiatric observations blend in order to provide an elaborate clarification of schizophrenia. There is not a cure for the disease but medications like antipsychotics and psychological therapies help control the symptoms of the disease. Relatives, friends and all healthcare professionals should be aware of these psychiatric behaviors so a healthy introduction of treatment may be applied to the ill, emphasizing a humanized care.
Key words: Schizophrenia. Pathology. Treatment. Awareness. Coexistence.
It was initially described as a disease where people suffering from it, exhibited a regressed behavior, similar to elderly people with Alzheimer 's disease. Schizophrenia is mainly characterized by a mental disintegration, in which a person loses the ability to assimilate their emotions and feelings with their thoughts, having unrealistic beliefs, referred to as delusions, as well as false perceptions of their environment, known as hallucinations. With these mental characteristics, the disease produces
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