Symptoms And Treatment Of Sepsis

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Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening complication caused by the body’s response to an infection. Our immune system protects us against threats, which include viruses, bacteria and parasites that cause infectious diseases. Our immune system responds by triggering an inflammatory response to bacteria in the blood. However, with sepsis the response is massive and the inflammation that occurs can cause a ripple effect of changes that may lead to damage of multiple organ systems, causing them to fail. “If sepsis progresses to septic shock, blood pressure will drop dramatically which, could possibly lead to death” (Carreno, 2016). Anyone can develop sepsis, but it 's most common and most dangerous in older adults or those with weakened immune systems. Therefore, it is very important for healthcare providers to be cognizant of the risk factors that can lead to infection. Early diagnosis and treatment of sepsis, usually with antibiotics and large amounts of intravenous fluids, can vastly improve a patient’s chance for survival.
Selected Patient Situation
Patient scenario All personal information has been changed and there are no identifiers that could reveal the location of the two hospitals and the staff that took care of this patient to protect the confidentiality of all involved. Adele is a seventy-two year old wife, mother of five, and grandmother of ten. Adele is happily retired and lives on a large acreage with her husband Ron and their dog Perky. Adele

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