Symptoms And Treatment Of Skin

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When asked about their major illnesses, the client stated to have hypertension, severe dyspnea, and edema. The client also stated that she suffered from a heart attack in the past, which was due to high blood pressure. Many of the client’s problems branched off from the heart attack and hypertension. For example, a heart attack and high blood pressure can cause heart failure, heart failure can cause pulmonary edema, and pulmonary edema can lead to swelling of the lower extremities and dyspnea (Grossman & Porth, 2014). However, the most recent hospitalization for the client was due to severe edema, and trouble breathing. Severe edema is one of the major causes for impaired skin integrity. Skin integrity is defined as “the state in which an individual’s skin is at risk of being adversely altered” (kloop, Storey, & Bronstein, 2012). There are three major factors that can relate to client’s skin alteration: decreased tissue perfusion, prolonged bed rest, and pulmonary edema.
One factor that can cause impaired skin integrity is decreased tissue perfusion. Decreased tissue perfusion refers to “decrease in oxygen resulting in failure to nourish tissues at the capillary level” (Wilson, 2012). Reduced tissue perfusion causes the body to become distressed because it is not receiving enough oxygen. This causes the blood to “shunt to the core of the body where the vital organs are located,” such as the heart and the brain (Grossman & Porth, 2014). Since the client suffered from

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