Symptoms And Treatment Of Stroke

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A 53 years old ale patient, married, and has 8 kids. He works privately as a business man. He is presented today in the neurology clinic for regular check-up, after he suffered stroke 4 years ago( the check-up is every 6 months). Along with his check-up he complies of severe headache in the right side of his head, with the neck. The headache started 10 years ago, and can be aggravated by any stress factor that the patient may be exposed to, and the only alleviating factor is sleeping. Associated with the headache he sometimes feel pain in his feet, and has to raise it above the body level in order to easies the pain. The patient has improved according to the patient he feels better after his stroke that he had 4 years ago. According to the doctor he informed the patient that he was doing well, and he is progressing to be better as long as he carry on talking his medication. Stroke is a condition that occur when there is a problem with brain supply of blood. It is off two type. 1- ISCHAMEMIC STROKE: which is due to a blockage of one of the arteries that supply the brain . 2- HAEMORRHAGIC STROKE : it occur due to inner bleeding or around the brain bleeding. According to the stroke association ischemic stroke is more common than the other type of stroke ( hemorrhagic stroke), around 80 percent of stroke is due to blockage ( ischemic stroke) because • Thrombus ( blood clot ) forming in one of the main brain 's arteries • In the tiny blood vessels blockage in them deep within
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