Symptoms And Treatment Of Surgery Essay

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Surgery happens to be a very common option that patients take because they are quickly named “disease-free” with only a small percentage of morbidity, however surgery alone cannot identify and address microscopic metastases, so clinical trials are attempting to test different strategies of combinations such as surgical resection affiliated with systemic targeted therapies (Maverakis et. al, 2015). Having developed in the 1990’s as something called the Isolate limb infusion (ILI) has now been given a much less invasive name called the Isolate Limb Perfusion (ILP). They differ from each other in that it is performed by going through the unbroken skin rather than doing it surgically. Another treatment option that has been used is called Cryotherapy. This type of therapy results in tumor antigen release through local trauma to the area and this results in having the potential to evoke an integral anti-melanoma immune response (Maverakis et. al, 2015). In the United States, radiation therapy (RT) is used within about 1 percent to 6 percent of patients that have melanoma (Maverakis et. al, 2015). One potential benefit of radiation therapy over surgery is that RT is capable of possibly activating an abscopal effect (away from the target) where both the tumor that is being treated, as well as the non-irradiated sites, show a response to the treatment (Maverakis et. al, 2015). There are also treatments involving cancer vaccines. Cancer vaccines attempt to activate the immune system
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