Symptoms And Treatment Of The Fracture

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Quadriplegia is a very complex, life-threatening condition that requires immediate attention after initial injury. After arriving at the hospital, focus on survival is key by monitoring the airway. Respiratory support may be required via mechanical ventilation through a noninvasive intermittent positive pressure ventilator or an invasive tracheostomy if the injury has affected the individual’s diaphragm. After the airway is patent, the regaining of vertebral alignment and immobilization of the spinal fracture site is implemented to reduce further damage to the spinal cord. Diagnosing a SCI is based on a physical examination, neurological evaluation, and diagnostic imaging to assess the extent of damage. Stabilization of the fracture…show more content…
Other causes for the individual to require speech may include dysphagia, vocal cord impairment, or cognitive deficits. While the individual is on a ventilator via a tracheostomy, the ability to speak aloud is lost. Interventions to improve communication include instructing the individual on how to communicate by with mouthing the words, or by having the caregiver plug the trach with a gloved finger (finger occlusion), or if applicable, using the plugging/capping/button intervention which occludes the trach while allowing voice production so that the individual can speak. Mouthing of words is used if the other interventions are not tolerated, and tactics such as intraoral sounds are utilized to get the caregiver’s attention. In the case that vocal cord impairment is present after removal of the trach, vocal cord exercises may be implemented. If the individual is having dysphagia, a food consistency a liquid level evaluation will be performed to assess any impairments the individual may have. Once the problems have been established, ST will establish a plan that involves exercises that include oral motor exercises, pharyngeal strengthening, and deep pharyngeal neuromuscular stimulation along with implementing a diet with the accurate consistency needed for swallowing safety. If the individual is suspected to have a brain injury, cognition may be evaluated for
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