Symptoms And Treatment Of The Patient

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06/02/15 Progress report documented that the patient was unable to come to the appointment due to his physical condition and distance. Phone conversation with the patient was noted. He reported being frustrated that his Klonopin was not filled the last time and was feeling very anxious. He noted mild depression. He was sleeping poorly and noted 4-5 hours of sleep each night and was using a CPAP machine. He was hopeless about his future and had psychomotor agitation. However, he denied any suicidal ideations. His appetite was good and he weighed 427 pounds. He was keeping himself busy and was doing yoga. No side effects from his medications were noted. The patient was advised to continue Pristiq 100 mg daily for depression and was started on Valium 5 mg up to 2 times a day as needed for anxiety.

Medication history documented that the patient was given 14-day supply of clonazepam 0.5 mg on 04/08/15. However, subsequent clonazepam requests (05/05/15 and 05/06/15) were rejected.

08/19/14 Progress Report documented that the originally apportioned permanent psychiatric disability in the10/11/13 report. On p. 37, he apportioned 67% of permanent psychiatric disability to headaches and back pain. This means that, of the 67% permanent psychiatric disability caused by pain and limitations, about half or 33.5%, is caused by headaches. Based on Dr. Abeliuk 's most recent report, 10% of this 33.5% or 3.3% is caused by non-industrial factors. The 33.5% of permanent psychiatric disability
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