Symptoms And Treatment Of The Patient

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The patient is a 19-year-old male named Matt. He was being treated for lethargy, excessive thirst, recent unexpected weight loss, fever, and complaints of frequent urination. Matt is a college cross-country runner who is otherwise is healthy. He is currently uninsured and his diet consists of fast food meals and prepackaged meals. Also, he consumes 3-4 beers about 3-4 days a week. Matt is allergic to Penicillin as well as Sulfa Drugs. After the assessment Matt has a temperature of 101.6 F and has a pain level of 4/10 while urinating in which he experiences a burning pain. His skin is warm and dry and has a 1 inch by 5/8th inch skin break on the posterior right ankle that has not healed in 3 weeks. Additionally, Matt was treated once in previous three months for a urinary tract infection. Matts’ recent lab work show a high amount of white blood cells as well as serum glucose levels. He’s urine sample shows he has a positive of ketones, glucose, and leukocyte esterase. The physician ultimately diagnosed Matt with type 1 diabetes and a urinary tract infection. When teaching Matt it is important to explain the importance of adhering to his medication regimen, having the proper diet, and also coming to terms with his condition.

Medication Regimen
Matt was prescribed two different medications; NPH insulin and Bactrim. NPH was prescribed because of the elevated serum glucose levels as well as positive ketones and glucose in his urine sample. NPH insulin restores Matts’ ability to…
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