Symptoms And Treatment Of The United States

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According to the American Cancer Society in 2014 there is an estimated of 585,720 cancer deaths in the United States. Remaining in the second place of the most common cause of death in the country. Being diagnosed with terminal cancer changed any person life. The patient start suffering all kind of physical and psychological problems, related to the imminent death. During this period the doctor, the patient, and the family form an indispensable bond in order to help the terminal ill person to cope with the symptoms and complications the best possible way. However, this bond is usually broken in cases where one of the subjects decide to withhold information from another. When a person is diagnosed with terminal cancer can respond in different manners. Initially, there are patients that enter in a phase of denial, where he or she does not want to accept that the cancer is the cause of all the symptoms and consequently refuse the appropriate treatment. Depression is another and one of the most significant factors during this illness. In this moments the recurrent thoughts about death and the hopeless idea that there is not anything to do originate sadness, restlessness, and insomnia. Other symptoms can be added in the third case where the patient suffers from acute anxiety, inducing agitation, tachycardia, hyperventilation, panic disorder, etc. Anger for the injustice of being sick and a fighting determination are the resting two reactions in a person with a terminal decease.
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