Symptoms And Treatment Of Yellow Fever

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Yellow fever
Yellow fever is defined as an acute haemorrhagic fever, sometimes associated with extensive hepatic necrosis and jaundice. The disease is said to be caused by insect-borne flavivirus that is also a single stranded RNA virus. (Strayer, R. R. D. (2011).Yellow fever virus is an Alpha virus belonging to the Flaviridae virus family that uses primates as monkeys as its primary reservoir and transmitted to hosts such as humans using mosquito vectors called Aedes aegypti. Once the virus has been introduced into humans, several clinical manifestations present in the beginning such as fever, chills, headaches, nausea, vomiting etc... (Tortora, F. C. (2014).These symptoms followed by signs of hepatic failure ,where the liver damage caused by the deposition of bile salts in the skin and mucous membrane noted as the yellowing of the skin, this is the reason why the disease resulted from the infection is called Yellow fever. (Tortora, F. C. (2014) .Yellow fever is preventable if the virus has not been introduced into the human host yet, due to the presence of an effective vaccine currently being used worldwide. This review literature review examines the vaccine developed to prevent yellow fever. This done by looking at how the vaccine generate immunity, its effectiveness, the downsides of using the vaccine and if they are, some of the ways to improve the vaccine.
Monkeys especially tree dwelling type, are

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