Symptoms And Treatments Of An Undergraduate Student

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J.P. is a single 21-year-old female of Filipino descent and currently an undergraduate student. Currently living with parents and two siblings. Reason for seeking care is due to complains of lightheadedness, fatigue, painful abdominal cramping, prolonged menstrual bleeding, and low hematocrit and hemoglobin count. There is no medical history as a child, but has gone through two surgeries, a laparoscopic right ovarian cystectomy and a small bowel injury resulting in an excision and reanastomosis. Medication that are taken daily are Necon 0.5/35 mg-mcg tab PO 2x day, as well as iron supplement tablets PO 3x day to stop the irregular and prolonged menstrual bleeding, as well as help in the excessive blood loss. There is no record or history of allergic reactions to food, medications, environmental, reactions, or treatments. Annual health exams include pap smears, TB skin tests, immunizations, and dental exams. Patient did not want to disclose any information about past or present relationships. No present occupational/environmental hazards, family violence/abuse, safety practices, and denies to smoking and substance intake. There are no traditions/beliefs/practices relating to their health. When asked, health was defined as to ‘void of any illness.’ Also states that illness means ‘being physically and emotionally unwell.’ Believes that to be healthy once must ‘take care of self, mentally and physically, and ‘not taking care of the body,’ results in illness. J.P. confirms to
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