Symptoms And Treatments Of Fibromyalgia And Diet

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Chapter 11 Fibromyalgia and Diet Change in our ever adapting world has largely impacted the way we eat as well as live our daily lives, this contributes to the increasing rate of chronic diseases affecting all countries. Causing immense burden on the patient and family, chronic diseases are the main cause of deaths worldwide. Improvements in diet as well as the fitness of an individual can contribute in massive proportions to the decrease in such scenarios. Studies have indicated the treatment effectiveness of any medical condition is improved with the implementation of changes in lifestyle The present day “nutritional transition” from traditional plant-based diets to those that are elevated in animal fats and sugar, along with a sedentary lifestyle are the underlying factors that influence the risk of the spread of such chronic diseases. Research has not yet determined a specific diet that would alleviate the conditions pertaining to FM. It is worth the patients’ efforts to attempt to modify their own diets to improve the symptoms and the way they feel. From previous studies tremendous information has been gathered in an attempt to figure out FM, the science behind this chronic disease, and its most effective treatment via diet. Doctors have been able to identify the role played by certain types of food that would support overall health. Intense sensitivity to a particular food, with this sensitivity varying from person to person, is a major cause of concern with FM

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