Symptoms And Treatments Of Ischemic. Stroke Therapy

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Running Head: PERSUASIVE ESSAY 2 Introduction Depending on the area of the brain that is affected by a stroke, patients may find they can no longer move certain body parts due to paralysis, they may have trouble talking or reading and their cognitive function is severely declined. Current after stroke therapy focuses mostly on palliative care and management of symptoms, instead of restoring cognitive or physical abilities, which are seen as a bonus rather than a desired outcome. It seems that most stroke patients must come to terms with their injury and must simply learn to live with their disability. But what if that does not have to be the case? What if there were new scientific developments that could work to treat their injury rather than just manage their symptoms? Current treatments of ischemic stroke patients are simply inadequate and out dated. New treatments and therapy should utilize Niaspan treatment along with scientific principles such as neuroplasticity and neurogenesis. These foundations are what will hopefully restructure our current treatments and procedures along with effectively restoring as close to normal physical and cognitive abilities of ischemic stroke patients. Paragraph 1 Niaspan is a viable treatment option that should be explored when treating ischemic stroke patients. Running Head: PERSUASIVE ESSAY
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