Symptoms And Treatments Of Mild Hypertension Essay

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Signalment: • 32 years’ old • Female • African-American descent Signs: • Mild hypertension • Acne appeared after treatment with oral contraceptives • BMI of 29 • Blood pressure is 138/88 • Skin shows slight thickening and darkening across the neck Symptoms: • Irregular and infrequent periods since middle adolescence • Periods are more frequent (28-30 days) and menstrual flow varies between periods after her first child • Periods are not excessively painful • Reports frequent urination and always seems to be thirsty Diagnostic Test Results: • Normal sodium • Normal potassium • Elevated blood glucose (fasting) • Normal hematocrit • Normal white blood count • Normal red blood count • Normal cholesterol (total) • Normal LDL • Depressed HDL • Elevated triglycerides Problem List: 1. Mild hypertension: • Likely due to the elevated blood pressure (138/88) • Could be caused by Polly being overweight, genetics or high blood glucose 2. Acne appeared after oral contraceptives • Oral contraceptives might have contained androgenic based progestin • Likely caused an increase in androgen in Polly resulting in an acne flare up 3. Skin shows slight thickening and darkening across the neck • Likely caused by a disorder called “Acanthosis Nigricans” • Could be caused by too much insulin in the bloodstream • The excess insulin could be caused by insulin resistance due to Polly’s obesity or by type two diabetes • Could be caused by oral contraceptives affecting her insulin level (Estrogen and
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