Symptoms Of Alzheimer 's Disease

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Alzheimer’s disease has long been considered as a irremediable illness for old people. According to the data collected by Alzheimer 's Association(2016), the overall 5.4 million American suffers from Alzheimer 's disease, and this population is growing in a certain rate for majority of this population aged 65 and up. Identify possible Alzheimer’s symptom could be rather difficult because people are lack of the awareness of their implicit illness, which later contribute to the Alzheimer 's disease. Also, to maintain a current Alzheimer 's patient is struggle for a single family. However, recently, a research conducted by University of Nebraska Medical Center and the University of California-San Francisco reported that though the cause of Alzheimer disease remains unknown, Care giving treatment is effective and low-cost than people expecting on slow down the memory loss and the recession in their ability to take care of themselves (Liesveld, J. &Tribune, F., 2016). Despite of the growing population, many prospective methods are now going under experiments and practices. Following their mission to improve the condition of AD patients, formed on April 10, 1980, Alzheimer 's Association not only improve the technology and making the treatment accessible for all AD patients, but also enhance the importance of daily care for the them. Supported by many Alzheimer 's families, scientists are now approaching several safe options for AD patients and their relatives. This research paper
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