Symptoms Of Alzheimer 's Disease

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Alzheimer’s Disease For decades society has been dealing with the dreadful effects of Alzheimer’s disease, from the emotional diagnosis, to family member involvement, and the demanding needs, financially. Scientist and researchers, with the monetary contributions from fundraising organizations like, The Alzheimer’s Association, The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, along with many additional establishments work around the clock expectantly to find a cure for this mind altering disease. Now a days, there are many groups available for any person needing information on Alzheimer’s disease. Personal experience gained from caring for the elderly in my lifetime, is the motivation behind my awareness of this dreadful disease. It wasn’t until my job as a supervisor of an Alzheimer’s unit, that my understanding of this ghastly disease, made me grasp just how tough it is for every person involved. This unbearable disease, becomes a family disease, family members are faced with many heart wrenching decisions and robbed of their loved ones. Just envision, if you will, awakening one morning and nothing is familiar, your wife/husband, children, or friends. Imagine, if it’s your mom or dad, either way devastation is what comes to mind. This disease steals your memories, the life you once recognized has vanished. The topics covered in the following text include, an overview of Alzheimer’s disease/dementia, some statistics, emotional effect on those with A.D., family member involvement
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