Symptoms Of Chronic Wasting Disease

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In the last 13 years, cases of Chronic Wasting Disease have increased to over 25% in bucks and over 10% in does (Marien). With CWD being such a deadly disease, the rising percentage of cases has led to decreasing deer populations. Because the spread of CWD has resulted in many deaths, fewer hunting tags are allowed in affected areas to help the deer herd get healthy again. It is possible, though, that as the populations grow back, CWD may also become more prevalent. Actually stopping this tragic disease is a challenge, but plans must be put in place to bring its spread to a halt. Therefore, it is important that hunters and the general public be informed of what CWD is, how it is spread, how it affects animals, and what can be done to…show more content…
To avoid the death of the entire herd, it is important for the farmer to be able to identify the symptoms and confirm whether or not CWD is present. If any of the deer test positive, the farmer should put those animals down. This will not only stop the spread of CWD, but it will also stop the animals from suffering as it can take a long time for them to finally expire after getting this disease. Unfortunately, it is hard to tell whether an animal is infected with CWD, since it could take up to as much as 18 months for the disease to disable the central nervous system of the deer. Of course, it can set in sooner or later, but with a deer infected for such a long time, it could lead to the owner having to put down the rest of his animals due to possible contamination. Killing captive animals that may be infected is a necessary safety precaution in case some of them escape into the wild. In fact, this happened in Fairchild, Wisconsin. Twenty deer from an infected deer farm fled when a tree fell and knocked over the fence. Of them, 17 were either shot or returned and eventually put down. In the end, all of the deer at the Fairchild farm, 228 in total, had been put down. Of those 228 deer, 23 were found CWD positive. It is certainly possible then that any of the three unfound escaped deer could have also been infected and spread CWD throughout the surrounding herds. After the gun season in that
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