Symptoms Of Diseases And Medical Conditions

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Diseases and medical conditions related to aging are diseases that are seen to increase in rate of recurrence with increasing age. Everyone ages as time goes by but not everyone experiences all age associated diseases. Susceptibility to age associated diseases increases with increasing age. Factors such as genetics determine vulnerability or resistance between species and individuals within species.
Below are some of the common age related diseases and medical conditions. They have been broken down in accordance to organ system.
1. Musculoskeletal Diseases
This is a form of arthritis which is the most common. It is a chronic condition and people suffering from it experience cartilage (material that cushions the joints) break down. As a result bones rub against each other causing stiffness, pain and loss of joint movement.
Common risk factors of osteoarthritis besides aging include
• Previous joint injury
• Overuse of the joint
• Weak thigh muscles
• Obesity
• Genetics
Common symptoms include
• Sore or stiff joints (hips, knees and lower back after inactivity or overuse)
• Stiffness after resting that goes away after movement
• Pain that gets worse after activity
• Pain towards the end of the day
Pain of more severe Osteoarthritis and stiffness may make it difficult to walk climb stairs, sleep or perform other activities.
There are medications to help relieve pain but no cure. The doctor may recommend physical therapy or occupational therapy to help…
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