Symptoms Of Microcephaly Associated With Zika Cases Essay

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Abstract The Zika outbreak of 2015 shined new light on a once underestimated and lesser-known tropical disease. With the immense effect on pregnant mothers, it quickly became an issue of global concern. This review will address the concern of the specific symptom of microcephaly associated with Zika cases in pregnant mothers. Additionally the pathology of Zika transmission as well as possible treatments will be discussed, as they are all important issues to investigate given the relevance of Zika in global public health. This outbreak was one met with confusion and a mass of misinformation, so this review seeks to clarify many of the principles that were misrepresented to the public, and for the research direct ideal focus for future studies. The Zika Virus: A Review Zika virus was first discovered in the Zika Forest of Uganda. It originated a virus of primates that was later found to infect humans. The virus is characterized by its single stranded RNA structure(Arnaoutakis & Padhya, 2016). Due to a lack of attentions, the virus went relatively unstudied until it started to affect the global community through one of the largest epidemics on record. Since the first reported case of Zika virus in the 1950s, the virus has affected millions of people. There have been 2 documented outbre (Ochler, et. al, 2016)aks of the virus one in France in 2013 and the second in South and Central America in 2015. The most recent outbreak alone contributed to 1.3 million cases
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