Symptoms Of Panic Attacks And My Perception

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In this essay I will reflect upon a situation wherein I had a chance to look after Mr. x, eighty years old who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and suffers from panic attacks. A panic attack is a brief episode of intense anxiety, which causes the physical sensations of fear. Psychological symptoms are totally personal, however it is physically reflected on the body. Reflection requires attentive consideration to thoughts and feelings and memories to make appropriate changes(Taylor 2010 ). The essay focus on ways of approaches to the patient’s symptom of panic attacks and my perception to deal with this situations in the future using John’s model of structured reflection, (1995) along with four domains of nursing councils competencies. During the days of my placement in a hospital based rest home for my course, one of the caregivers reported to my preceptor that Mr. X have several panicattacks. I was accompanied by my preceptor to observe him. I administered medication with the supervision of my preceptor. However, the episodes ofpanic attacks increased day by day. Medication was administered with doctors order after each panic attacks.. I could assess that he has those symptoms almost around sleep times. There were several discussions among the staffs regarding how to handle the condition of Mr.X. One approach was to divert his mind by listening to music. My preceptor suggested him to watch devotional prayers as another technique of divertional herapy because he

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