Symptoms Of Schistosomiasis

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After the parasites enter your body, they can cause any number of symptoms. People have developed skin rashes, aches, fevers, chills, coughs, inflammation, scarring, anemia, malnutrition, and learning difficulties. They can also affect the lungs, bladder, liver, and intestines. Less often, the eggs can induce paralysis, seizures, or even spinal cord inflammation.
Schistosomiasis eggs are discharged into water as eggs, and if receive the correct conditions, can hatch into miracidia which can go through victim's skin when they swim. Some of the parasites reside in the small intestine, others in the large intestine, some in the bladder, and still others in the rectal venules. Then, the females lay eggs and they go through the intestine and bladder and exit through urine or defecation.
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Then, when the parasite’s victims swim in the water, snails release the larvae parasites into the water and they penetrate the person’s skin. Then, the parasites live in blood cells, and some grow up to attack organs and others go back into the water through poop.
According to the CDC, Schistosomiasis, aka bilharzia, is a condition that is caused by parasitic worms and currently affects in excess of 200 million people worldwide. Luckily, this disease is not found in America, but in the countries it is in, it is, effect wide, the second worst parasitic disease and is one of the Neglected Tropical Diseases or
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