Symptoms and Treatment of Bone Cancer

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Cancer has hundreds of different types. One of these types is bone cancer. Like most other types of cancer, if bone cancer is not found and treated, it can kill you. Bone cancer is defined as when you get cancer in your bone’s cells. There are two different types of bone cancer. It can be primary or secondary. Primary bone cancer originates in your bones and has several subtypes. However, secondary bone cancer is when the cancer spreads from other parts of your body (such as your lungs) to your bones. According to the National Cancer Institute (, in 2013 there were around 3,010 new cases of bone cancer, and there were around 1,440 deaths from bone cancer. Everyone can get bone cancer, but it’s primarily found in older people. Also, there are several symptoms, but the main symptoms are pain. However, other symptoms can include fractures, swelling, decreased mobility, and many other symptoms. Scientists haven’t yet found the cause of bone cancer. Bone cancer may be the result of several other issues and diseases. There are several types of treatment for bone cancer. For example, treatments include surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. There’s also another type of treatment known as targeted therapy. Of course, these are all just general treatments, and there are more specific types of treatment for the different subtypes of bone cancer. There are some risk cancers for bone cancer. Risk factors are things that increase your chance of getting
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