Syncretism, By Anita Maria Leopold

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“Syncretism” Summary In this essay on “Syncretism” Anita Maria Leopold gives an overview on syncretism which is the blending or melding of different religious traditions (695). Anita focuses on the history of syncretism and the problems which occurred such as theologians being accused of wrongly performing syncretism, she focused on the definition of syncretism and anti-syncretism and lastly the study of transforming religion into three leveled categories social, semiotic and cognitive. Syncretism can said to be the combination of different beliefs, it is the merging of several traditions. Scholars have said syncretism is an objective scientific category. Many societies have led to new forms of religions which have encouraged the making of new religious traditions (696). One of Anita’s main points is the focus on the history of religion. The theologist Georg Calixt was blamed of syncretism because of his teachings he wanted to unite all Christian churches. A little after the twentieth century the issue of syncretism entered the European colonialism time and the deportations of Africans, this resulted in new Creole identities of religion. The syncretism of the Afro-Christian cultures saved a minority religious identity (696). An American anthropologist said that this form of syncretism is called survivals. This is referring to how these people never become free from culture no matter what type of a horrible life they are currently going through as they were going through

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