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Week Four Paper Keith Mc Auley June 27, 2011 Abstract Change is inevitable within every organization. The amount of change could be small or it could be large. However big the change, resistance can be minimal or massive. The organization should look inwards toward the potential obstacles to that change. These obstacles may include resistance to two sources: individuals and the organizational structure. Both sources need careful consideration and planning. Haphazard change can be disastrous to an organization. Planned changed is always the best course. Internal and External Forces of Change at Synergetic Solutions Synergetic Solution faces three internal and external forces that may hamper change within the…show more content…
Organizational development focuses on the underlying values of: respect for people, trust, support, power equalization, confrontation, and participation. OD suggests that the organization will achieve success in the change, have respect for its people, trust and support. This characterizes the organization as one that cares for its people. Power equalization is an important element of OD. The organization deemphasizes hierarchal power and control. The organization is looking toward change and empowerment of all employees is critical. With the new empowerment comes higher communication, and it may come in the form of confrontation. Confrontation must be addressed immediately. The end assumption of OD is a higher degree of participation. The workers as of present own the change. Resistance to Change at Synergetic Solutions Change does not come easy at Synergetic Solutions. They had five identifiable resistances to change. The first was the breaking of the habits. The employees were very resistant to changing their job functions and routines. They also had economic fears. They wondered what would happen to them if they did not make the change. Maybe they could not do their new jobs. Their jobs were easier the way they were. They also had a fear of the unknown. The fear of the
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