Synergistic Decision Making

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Synergistic Decision Making Tariq Shah OM-176 Group and Organizational Dynamics PSY 452 Module Two Organizational Management Professor Fabian April 15, 2015 Synergistic Decision Making Working with people is not easy at times. Many people rather work independently of others. I believe most of the reason for the individual deciding to work independent of others, is because they do not want to rely on others for their success or failure. If they can do it alone, they feel more in control of the process and thus, do not have to deal with many of the variables that come with working in groups of people. In my journey I have certainly not mastered working with people; however, I do find that working in groups provides the best overall…show more content…
Humans Synergistics International (n.d.), goes on to further define problem solving and interpersonal relations as, “problem solving is the rational sequence of questions the team considers in reaching decisions, and interpersonal relations is the way people treat one another in solving the problem” (p.70). These two concepts in group situations are inseparable. If there is a rational decision making process without interpersonal relations, it leads to a toxic environment within the group which causes competition, manipulation, and ultimately division. Before we began to discuss in my small group, I formulated my individual opinion as to whether I would stay or go. I quickly decided that as a group it was best to stay. After our group got settled in, which only took a minute, I began to speak. I asked the group what we should do, stay or go. Immediately Corrine spoke out stating, “My motherly instinct is saying we should stay put. Whenever I talk to my kids about getting separated from me, I tell them to stay put at the last place we were together.” Within a few seconds I said “ok, so do we all agree the best course of action is to stay then?” Each person in our group responded in the affirmative. As a group, we decided to remain at the crash site. As soon as we decided on that, I proceeded to move on to our fifteen item selection list.
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