Synergy Energy Drink Marketing Report Plan

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Executive Summary
This marketing plan report on Synergy energy drink, an Australian owned and produced company provides an analysis and evaluation of the current and future performance and marketing strategies for the future growth and establishment. Being one of the leading brands of energy drinks in Australia, its main competitors are Red Bull, ‘V’ and Mother. Beginning with the introduction and then the environmental analysis which indicates the trend and consumption of energy drinks in Australia and worldwide. Followed by a SWOT analysis of Synergy energy drinks and then there are the marketing
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Factors which may have contributed to this surge include the stress of economic downturn, work pressure and general fatigue.
Energy drinks are appealing to younger consumers because of their convenience when compared to coffee, the novel taste and trendy image of such drinks. This makes them very appealing to younger consumers. Furthermore there is a growing trend for the consumer to mix energy drinks with spirits and create an energy cocktail. There is escalating health concerns about energy drinks which could damage its appeal. Health concerns are around the high caffeine and sugar content in such drinks. New avenues of growth will therefore come in the form of energy drinks that address these concerns and health promoting using organic alternatives rather than caffeine.
According to the Australian Food & Drink Report (2010) the coffee industry in Australia is still strong but has began to level off slightly. This could be party because of the rise in energy drinks.

SWOT Analysis
* Synergy energy drinks have a foothold in the market. * Product available at Woolworths stores – Australia’s largest supermarket retailer – as well as Woolworths Petrol, BP chains and selected convenience stores. * Uniquely marketed towards a specified niche target market – the health conscious individual with a healthy lifestyle. * Product contains no sugar and

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