Synesthesia Effects On Autism

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The synesthesia is a neurodevelopmental condition is that one kind of stimulation evokes the feeling of another, such as hearing of a sound produces the visualization of a color. According to the research article, the synesthesia occurs in 4% of the population while in autism spectrum condition it occurs. Autisms is usually diagnosed in children between the age of 2 or 3 years old and the main features of the autisms that are social interaction difficulties, verbal and nonverbal communication problems, engage in repetitive behaviors. Additionally, sometimes in autism's, there could be some physical health problems such as mental retardation, movement coordination difficulty problems. However, in some individuals with autistic spectrum impairment…show more content…
Based on the findings of the research, findings showed that synesthesia only occurred in 7.2% of typical individuals, it occurred in 18. 9% of people with autism. The study of the brain imaging showed that brains of individuals with synesthesia have different property pattern than typical brains, and additionally the neuroimaging studies of autistic brains show abnormal and complex connections affecting both gray and white matter, therefore the same can be said for autistic brains. For this study, at the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University, a group of 927 adults with autism and 1,364 adults without autism was invited to participate in the study. From these group, 164 adults with clinically diagnosed autism and 97 adults without autism. For this research, all volunteers had been completed online questionaries’ to determine any experience of synesthesia, as well as their autistic traits to check on the original autism diagnosis. Following, the next text used to study the consistency of the participant's synaesthetic knowledge and additionally ensure that they were reporting the real experiences. This reliability checked involved “matching” words or sound to favorite colors. The most common sort of the latter was “grapheme -color”, in which letters are shown as colored and “sound color”, in which during which hearing a sound triggers a visual experience of color. Also, another forms of synesthesia reported were either in taste, touch, or smells triggering a visual experience of color. Based on these test, to be thought of synaesthetic, the participants had to state that they full-fledged synaesthesia and will not meet any of the exclusion standards. These standards are included people who had medical conditions affecting their brain, vision, or who had past of seeing hallucinogenic drug use. Purpose of this was making sure that synaesthetic
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