Synopsis From Autumn Gardening By Siu Wai Anderson

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ELA8 SB U4 L4 Lesson Construction Template Introduction and Objective Read the following excerpt from “Autumn Gardening” by Siu Wai Anderson: When she had caught her breath she sniffed the air, enjoying the tangy scent that made her think of dry crackling leaves and wood-burning stoves – the heady smell of autumn in New England. Can you hear a warm fire popping? Can you smell the dead leaves and the chimney smoke? What language does the author use to create these images? What senses does the author appeal to? What language does the author use to appeal to those senses? Today, we’re going to take a look at sensory language. Today 's lesson objective is: Students will use sensory language to convey ideas within the text. Learning Skills Take a moment and think about this lesson’s learning objective. What skills will you need to be successful? Think about novels or stories you have read in the past. How do authors connect you to an image – a setting, a character, an experience? How do authors appeal to your senses? What sensory words will you use in your writing? How will you appeal to your readers’ senses? Open your digital notebook and jot down a few learning skills you might use to achieve these objectives. Instruction, Modeling and Student Activities [Provide direct instruction and modeling at DOK 1 in this section.]

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