Synopsis Of ' Momma '

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“Laces, get yo’ black ass in here and pick this shit up gal. What’s wrong wit’ you?” Laces grandmother placed her hand on her hip and waited. “Laces, don’t make me call yo’ black ass no mo’.” Running through the hall full of energy stood eight year old Laces. “I was coming grandma.” Ms. Janine looked at her and shook her head. “When I call you, you come. You don’t take your precious time. Do you hear me gal?” Laces shook her head before saying “Yes, ma’am.” Ms. Janine looked down at Laces and sucked her teeth. “Get this here front room cleaned up. Yo’ momma is supposed to be stopping by today.” Laces almost jumped to the ceiling when her grandmother stopped her, “Now look, don’t get too damn excited you know how yo’ momma is.” Laces…show more content…
Laces Uncle walked in and say her cleaning up and spoke in his normal casual way, “What’s up Laces?” Laces smiled her snaggled tooth smile before saying “What’s Uncle Nate?” as she continued to wrestle with the bed sheets. He pulled a sucker from his back pocket and handed it to her “Don’t tell yo’ grandma.” Laces smiled and ran off to hide her sucker under her pillow. She always had to hide her candy because her cousin Mario would always take it from her and eat it. Laces sat down on the couch and tried to watch TV but she was amped on the fact that her mother was coming to see her. Every time the door swung open she would attempt to rise up but it was of no use. Laces heard her grandmother calling her name so she dashed through the hallway “Ma’am,” she responded to her grandmother’s call. Ms. Janine looked over her shoulder and smiled. “Here, here’s seventy-five cents. Walk down to the store with Sherri and get you something to munch on,” Laces looked at the three quarters in her hand and said “Thanks grandma,” she ran out of the room in a flash and ran smack dab into her mother. Laces looked up from her position and towards her mother’s face. She smiled big and bright and said “Hey momma, look what grandma gave me.” Miracle scratched at the marks on her arm and said “That’s nice baby,” without paying Laces much attention. Laces tugged on her mother’s tattered jacket “Momma, you’re not even looking.” Sarah looked down in frustration
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