Synopsis Of ' My Story ' Essay

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Plot Overview My story is split into three sections, which collectively explore an unnamed, unidentifiable character and three interwoven narrative arcs. I have outlined them in chronological order, however, as I intend to regard time fluidly to enhance characterisation and reader disorientation, I am not yet sure this is the order they will appear in. Section one commences with a person searching their cluttered apartment for an undefined object. Eventually, this object is revealed to be a wig, as they recently experienced sudden, total, and unexplained hair loss. Since they are generally reclusive, the wig is necessary to maintain the longstanding relationship with their hairdresser – the sole person with whom they routinely interact. However, these interactions mainly occur while they are getting a haircut, so a wig appears to be their only solution. It is eventually revealed they have not yet purchased a wig, and are merely searching aimlessly. In section two they receive a letter containing instructions, which are apparently delivered weekly (though the instructions vary). They are to bring the briefcase outside their door to the local park, and wait for someone to take it. No allusions are made to who this person will be. They pass time observing the park’s evolution and analysing passers-by, hoping each person will take the briefcase. Ultimately, the briefcase is taken, although readers are not privy to who takes it, nor their need for it. Section three contrasts

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