Synopsis Of The Movie Baby Geniuses

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Based on the movie “Baby Geniuses“, our team have come up with some supportive ideas by three journals which are “The Relative Effect Of Nature And Nurture Influences On Twin Differences” by Karl J. Holzinger, “ The Origins Of Intelligence In Children” by Jean Piaget, and “Relationship Among Processing Speed, Working Memory, And Fluid Intelligence In Children” by Astrid F. Fry and Sandra Hale. The synopsis of the movie start with Dr. Elena Kinder, CEO of the BabyCo Corporation, has formulated a method of child rearing which is the Kinder method meant to produce exceptionally intelligent children. To demonstrate its superiority, she arranged for a pair of identical twin boys to be born to a surrogate mother. One of these twins, Whit, was adopted by Dr. Kinder's niece, Robin, and raised as a normal child.…show more content…
The movie also establishes that babies have their own language and know the secrets of the universe, both of which are forgotten when they separated from born. Both Dr. Kinder and Robin are researching infant pre-language. Sly wants to escape the lab and eventually succeeds, making his way to a nearby mall. Dr. Kinder quickly sends out some of her subordinates to find and retrieve him. The next day, however, Whit is taken to the mall and is accidentally captured and taken to the lab in Sly's place, while Sly is taken back to Robin's house. At first, Dr. Kinder is horrified when she discovers that she has Whit, not Sly, but then she decides it will be beneficial to her plan and sends more goons to bring Sly back to the lab too. Whit and Sly organize the babies at the lab and then Dan and Robin’s daycare to stop Dr. Kinder's
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