Synopsis Of The Novel ' Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The wind blows steadily over the mountains of Kangaroo valley and the rain drizzles from rooftops of houses. Will awake from his sleep he is breathing heavily, he looks at his watch and walks to the bathroom. He turns the lights on. Instantly his eyes are bombarded with light and he struggles to see.he flicks of off the lights frantically and then dims the lights “that’s better”. He splashes water on his face and looks at himself in the mirror. his name is Will Johnston, a pilot that has over 36 years of experience. Will look at his weathered body.he brushes his fingers through he his grey hair. He grabs his suit and puts it on. Will sit 's down for breakfast and opens the flight profile he proceed to read

Here, you are caught
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After the plane restored the light was green,”That was weird” Henry said. They continued to speak into the microphone, the green light went orange again but no one noticed, (full stop) “Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking. My name is Will Johnston and flying my co-pilot is Henry Wong, take off time will be 10:30 am, and landing time will be 12:00 pm making the flight 1 hour, normal conditions today we will be flying at an altitude of 15,000ft for any further questions please ask our flight hostess thanks you”. As the plane rolled to the runway in the rain Will could hear the flight safety going on in the background. The rain was pelting down on the cabin all around “something doesn’t fell right” Will mumbled to himself.

“This is Flight Q2465 requesting take off”. The flight tower responded, “Flight Q2465 you are clear for take off”. The engine roared to life, Louder and louder the engines got until they were at make power. Will released the brakes and the plane jumped off the spot at amazing speeds. 100kph, 200kph 300kph to plane gained speed at the run way zoomed pass. Will pulled back on the joystick and the plane lifted off into the sky ascending. As will banked the plane to the right soon they were to bank off to the left flying about the kangaroo valley only 15,000ft above it. As the plane started to bank left and straightened up. “Boom” a bird hit the windscreen and cracked it “that was close,” Henry said

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