Synopsis Of The Summer Spring

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Seasons That time of year is here. The weather has begun to change from the blistering July heat, to the cool evenings of September. There is no longer the need to flip channel after channel on the television to find something to watch since it is finally football season. The vivid green leaves are beginning to fade out and become different shades of brown, orange, and red. Leaves begin to fall from the upmost branches of the tree and float their way down to the ground. Kids gather around to collect the fallen leaves and jump into the enormous pile created by doing the chore of raking. Taste buds begin to water as the thought of warm cider and sweet pumpkin pie comes into the picture. The ladies begin to get out their favorite sweater, pair of jeans, and boots to wear out as the cooler nights approach. While every season has its own sense of wonder, autumn is the best one of them all. The paramount of this season is the plethora of activities that go on in a short amount of time. From the end of August to November, you can almost catch every high school kid on a Friday night in a stadium decked out in latest costume related to that game’s student section theme. Whether it’s a tacky tourist uniform or your American patriot, you can always see an eye-catching outfit. After their years of experience of high school football, the real test of dedication comes to the Saturday games. Tailgating before the games is the excitement that brings everyone together. Leading into late
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