Synopsis Of The Way We Were

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Synopsis of the Way We Were
The Way We Were is an American romantic drama that has been on since 1973. The film is starred by Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford and it is directed by Sydney Pollack. The screenplay is composed by Author Laurents and it was based on his college days at Cornel University and his experiences as a member of the House UN-American Activities committee activities.
The movie centered on Katie Morosky (Barbra Streisand) and Hubbell Gardiner(Robert Redford) who were passionate lover irrespective of their differences in political views and ideologies. Katie Morosky happens to be a student with high level of political radicalism and very dogmatic about her political views. However, she hopelessly falls for Hubbell Gardiner who is a
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However, he has a different passion to write for the movie. Katies finds Hubbell’s passion very shallow.
In the beginning, Hubbell admires Katies undying passion for causes that are beneficial to humanity. After sometimes, he became scared of her aggressive political activism. This political activism soon landed them both in danger during the dark times of MacCarthyism.
Different conflicts emergence that make them to face their values and principles as individuals. It was when they realize that they need more than love to be together.
Reasons why “The Way We Were” Feature the best Romance of all time
For certain reasons “The way we were” have been featured as the best romance of all time. Some of these reasons;
 Katies Morosky is very smart, passionate and beautiful.
 On the other hand, Hubbell is kind, caring and smoldering.
 The best way to define their romance is an epic love story that started way back in college campus where they first saw each other. However, they squabble along the line due to their differences in values and principles. Katies is a Marxist jew while Hubbell doesn’t have an iota of interest in
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