Synopsis Of The 's ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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“This is one of the stupidest plans you’ve ever had. Have you even thought this through?” You shook your head in disbelief and glared at a very annoyed Bellamy. “If you don’t like my plan, why are you here?” Bellamy sassed, rolling his dark chocolate eyes in your direction. “Pairing two kids who only agreed to get those supplies was that they wanted to use those guns! They literally hate each other’s guts!” “Well no one asked you to speak, Y/N.” Bellamy responded, not bothering to show you that he was listening to what you were saying and turned around with a smug expression plastered on his face. Bellamy definitely agreed with you on this but Kaleb and Sebastian were the only ones individually willing to go and bring back the supplies…show more content…
You try to hate him, but if you were honest with yourself, you’d say that you have feelings for the handsome rebel leader. The waterfall was truly magical. It looked as though it had a secret door leading to the ocean when you stare at the aquarium blue water pounding down onto the rocks. If the water wasn’t ice cold, you’d without a doubt be floating in the blissful rock pool at the bottom. The flowers that grew on the land surrounding the waterfall were a creamy violet which smelt of sour wild berries. You head over towards a large flat rock and sat down on it to relax your legs from the long journey from camp. The rock was dented and smooth which made it extra comfortable to sit on. A little while later, you heard rustling on the sand behind you. Instinctively, you slowly slide your hands down your sides and reach your knife, taking it out of its holder which was attached to your belt for convenience for such times like this. You quickly jump off the rock and spin yourself to face… Bellamy? “I thought you were a grounder, asshole.” You place your hand on your chest in an attempt to slow your fast heartbeat, putting your knife back in its holder with the other. “I should’ve said something...” “You do realise I came here to get away from you, right?” “I figured…” Bellamy let out in a whisper feeling more hurt by your comment than he expected. You raise your eyebrows at him for him to explain himself. “Do you remember when we
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