Synopsis . Patient Is A Caucasian 56Years Old Male Admitted

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Patient is a Caucasian 56years old male admitted for blood sugar above 500 and blood serum acidosis. The patient admission diagnosis was Diabetic Ketone Acidosis and treated for DKA per hospital protocol. Patient shows microvascular and macrovascular complications as a result of his long history of diabetes mellitus. This poorly managed and uncontrolled diabetes mellitus causes the patient to suffer from poor vision, slow wound healing which is on his right knee, hypertension and had cardiac surgery due to his coronary artery disease (Hinkle & Cheever, 2014). Patient lost a lot of weight and his BMI is only 17.01. This also causes electrolyte imbalance, which is one of the reason patient gets admitted to the hospital. Besides
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Barriers to learning Patient show very little motivation to take care of himself. Even after explaining the importance for him to look after himself to recover and have a better life; his answer shows little expression of motivation. Patient also lacks the knowledge and skill of how to take care of himself; at the same time he also has functional limitations to take care of himself, like his visual impairment, generalized weakness and motility.

Implementation I explained to the patient my role for the day and as part of my role for the day, it will be teaching him. In order to assess the patient’s learning needs, I interview the patient about what brought him to the hospital, how he engage in life, what he likes to do in his spare time, his families and his experience in the hospital including the challenges he faces during and after this admission, and his concern after his discharge. From the interview I try to learn what he already knows, what he needs to learn, what and what would be the appropriate way to teach him. Since the patient was looking forward to get discharged, I took the opportunity to ask questions about how he plans to avoid another hospitalization. Based on his answer, I used the hospital teaching tool as a resource of information to the patient. My teaching was focused on how his clinical diagnosis affects his psychiatric diagnosis and vice versa. Therefore, in my teaching I
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