Synopsis of Renaissance Play, The Roaring Girl

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The Roaring Girl

Act 1:

Scene 1: Mary Fitzgerald visits her love Sebastian, dressed as a sempster. They were betrothed and something has happened to stop the marriage. Sebastian tells Mary about Moll, whom he's pretending to love to trick his father.

Scene 2: Sir Alexander (Sebastian's Father) is having guests over. He takes them on a tour of his home and then tells them a story of a man who is in love with a Moll! (Mary and Sebastian were betrothed until his father discovered how low the dowry was, and then he decided not to allow the marriage. Sebastian then pretends to be in love with Moll to trick his father into letting him marry Mary) A monster... it comes to light that the story is about his own son and Sebastian gets offended
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he says he would marry her no matter what. He takes the 30 pounds and the Gallipot's leave. The scene closes with Laxton saying women are deceiving.

Scene 3: (Sir Alexander acts like Trapdoor owes him money so he can run and talk to him) Scene opens with Trapdoor telling Sir Alexander that he has Moll on the ropes. Trapdoor tells him that Moll meets Sebastian dressed as a man (and says they met that day at three... Moll had once again tricked them) Then we see Sir Davy who is Jack Dappers' father talking about how bad/wild his son is. He tells his plan to hire policeman to arrest Jack, put him in jail to teach him a lesson. Sir Davy is talking to the two cops (Curtlax and Hanger) and they do not realize they are talking to Sir Davy (they insult him to his face and look like fools) The cops go looking for Jack, but Moll and Trapdoor overhear them and warn Jack before they can catch Jack. The cops get angry at Moll, and she's pleased with her 'good deed'.

Act 4:

Scene 1: Opens again with Trapdoor bragging that he has Moll. Sir Alexander tries to set Moll up by planting expensive items for her to steal. (Gold Chain, money). They exit and Moll, Mary (both dressed as men) enter with Sebastian. They are talking, Moll tells that she has never initiated (or had) sex? Then Moll sings and later sees the gold chain and diamond. Sebastian then plans to give 40 pound to Moll (maybe to pay for her help?) Sir Alexander knows who Moll is, but pretends not to know

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