Synopsis of Torte Cases

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Synopsis of Tort Cases Paper BUS/415 Business Law Scenario 1: There are two tort actions found in the first scenario. The first tort action is Ruben for pushing Daniel and knocking out two of his teeth. The second tort action is owner of the ball field for poor maintenance and improper weight restriction limits on the railings of the stands. The potential plaintiffs in this case are the injured fan, Malik and Daniel. The stadium owners would be potential defendants in cases brought on by the fan injured from the football, by Malik for the faulty railing, and by Daniel for the diabetic coma (University of Phoenix, 2011). Daniel could be a potential defendant for assaulting Malik after spilling the beer on Daniel’s son. Daniel’s…show more content…
The Italian restaurant could fight for negligence in court, about the customers for being terrified, and freaking out in a bad manner going through this couldn’t most likely be held in court. The restaurant is trying to act like the suspect, and they are trying show how the negligence in their statement of being terrified, and freaking out, eventually results of the injuries. The staff members in the Italian restaurant that’s injured could’ve made the claim against the restaurant using workmen’s compensation showing that there’s being injury at the job. This is shown to be the staff member acting as the plaintiff vs. the defendant and the restaurant. SCENARIO 3: The first tort is the boss can be sued for telling employees why he was fired this is defamation of character and for causing his blindness. The second tort in this scenario is the individuals that Franco sold policies to were told their premiums would not increase. Therefore, those individuals could file a suit because Franco knew the premiums would rise. THE IDENTITY OF POTENTIAL PLANTIFFS The identity of potential defendants and why you see each one as a defendant. SureCo, Inc., would be defendant in a suit brought on by the policy owners but because of the principal/agent relationship, more specifically the duty to perform, Franco would also be a defendant in a case brought on by SureCo, Inc., for being compensated for the money

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