Synopsis on Customer Relationship Management

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G.PULLAIAH COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, KURNOOL MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 2012-2013 SYNOPSIS REPORT On A STUDY ON CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT WITH REFERENCE TO M.S.A. MOTORS, KURNOOL Submitted by C. VENKATA NAGA SINDOOR Roll no: 11AT1E0052 Under the guidance of K. NAGAIAH, MBA Assistant Professor. INDEX | 1. | Introduction | | 2. | Objectives of the Study | | 3. | Need for the Study | | 4. | Scope of the Study | | 5. | Research * Source of data * Procedure of sample size | | 6. | Limitation of the Study | | 7. | Company details | |…show more content…
Today, the customer relationship between the banker and customer has come under the sharp focus both the customers‟ ends. 2. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY * To identify various services offered by MSA motors to consolidate their CRM strategies. * To study the customer perception on factors influencing Customer Relationship Management in MSA motors * To classify the customers opinion on initial strategies, maintenance strategies, technology, service satisfaction and impact of CRM. * To ascertain the perception of show room executives on various aspects of CRM. 3. Need for the study As lifestyles change people begin to have more experiences in banking. There are two consequences of this 1) Customers have different feelings about services provided for them by Show rooms 2)Customers develop higher expectations for their Buying experience. 4. Scope of the study Scope of this study is it will assist MSA motors to get its own customer relationship management system mirror well and it will get all the important things before eyes to apply all the possible ways to provide a superb service to the customers and accordingly make them loyal and retain them long lasting and also to get new customers to be served. Scopes can be stated in few points as follows * Maintain current/ existing customers. * Achieve new potential customers. * Retain all the customers * Profitability increment * Reputation and
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