Synopsis on Shopping Mall

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A SYNOPSIS ON To study the potential of shopping mall with special reference to Rewa city: Year 2011-2012 Submitted to Dr.AtulPandey Professor in-charge of BBA Programme Under the guidance ofMrs. Shikha Singh ChauhanFaculty of BBA | Submitted ByJaya PanjwaniB.B.A. (VIth Sem.) | Department of Business Administration A.P.S.U. Rewa (M.P.) Index 1. Rationale 2. Objective 3. Research Methodology 4. Limitation 5. Expected Contribution Bibliography Chapter plan…show more content…
For younger generations, especially urbanites in their 20s and 30s, the idea is especially appealing. 3. To know the important attributes that people consider in shopping malls. Research Methodology Research is the systematic design, collection, analysis and reporting of data and findings relevant to a specific situation or problem”. The objective of this section is to describe the research procedure and methods that have been adopted for the achievement of the project objectives. The project report will be a comprehensive study A. .Method of Data collection: In this research both primary as well as secondary data will be used. 1. Primary data: The collection of primary data is important part of the study. The Data collection will be done through primary source by using questionnaire survey method. So as to give a precise, accurate, realistic and relevant data. B. Secondary data: The secondary data as it has always been important for the completion of any report provides a reliable, suitable, equate and specific knowledge. The data will collect from various magazines, books, research paper newspapers, websites and other media. Sampling Technique: The study will be based on convenience sampling. C. .Sample Area: The population for this research study will consists of the residence of Rewa city only. D. Target population: the population for this research study will consists of the students of Rewa city only. E. Sample Size:
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