Synoptic Approach To The Most Important To Solve A Problem

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I believe that it is important to always find a solution. I believe that there is a solution for any given problem and have applied this attitude throughout my career. I try one way, then find another way if that one does not work. I try every possible solution that I can think of when faced with a problem. I have applied my philosophy that began with computers to other areas of my life with positive results. There is always another angle, a perspective change, an intentional act of thinking around corners, to get to the place in my mind where a solution is found. I learned to work with computers through experimentation. I grew up in the country without other kids in walking or biking distance except for my younger brother who would sit for hours and watch while I sat at the computer. I did not know anyone else who owned or used a computer. I was on my own when I began my journey into technology. I spent a great many hours in front of a black and white TV connected to a Commodore VIC 20 with a user's manual of instructions for how to program in BASIC.…show more content…
The internet grew after I graduated from high school and the web finally turned into something useful. I started to look up problems that I encountered and connect them to known issues that had already been discovered. This synoptic approach leads me to find solutions based upon work that has already been done by someone else or groups who were having similar problems. Each solution that I research adds to my knowledge by revealing the approach that others have taken to solve the same problem. I synthesize these research experiences and use the methods and alternate viewpoints to strengthen my own solution finding skills. The availability of information has allowed me to exponentially increase my understanding of technology and the way solutions are applied on a global
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