Synthesis Essay On Bullying

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According to, over 3.2 million students are bullied each year, and 4,400 of them commit suicide. Source 1 states that students become bullies when they have a bad home life, have been bullied before, and are more tempted to cyber bullying via social media. Students are bullied because of their race, appearance, sexuality, and little mistakes they make, also according to Source 1. A bully is worse than a bystander because the bully has to take the blame, the guilt, has a bigger consequence, and probably has a good reason for why they were bullying.

First off, a bully is worse than a bystander because they take the blame. Taking the blame would make them have bigger consequences. They would feel extremely bad if the victim committed suicide. They would lose trusted friends and family. Their friends wouldn’t want to be friends with them if they know how rude they could be as would their family. Lastly, they would have to live knowing that they basically killed someone.

Moreover, the bully feels the extreme guilt. Think about it. If you were a bully who's victim committed suicide, wouldn’t you feel so bad? The bully suffers from knowing how they killed someone or could have. According to, bullies who used
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Some bullies may have a bad home life or family issues which bullying makes them feel better or "vent", according to When a student has a bad home life, such as a death in the family, people splitting up, alcohol problems etc., they tend do make others suffer the way they are. According to, others are afraid that if they don’t bully people then they will get bullied themselves. Another reason why is when they have been bullied in the past and feel as if bullying now will fix that issue and make them feel better or they feel as if others should feel the
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