Synthesis Essay On Drug Cost

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It’s not a secret that the American healthcare system is broken with its inadequacies and shortcomings. One of these being the upward rise of drug and medication costs. The cost of prescriptions, drugs and medical treatments is soring out of control and needs to be ceased before it’s to late. Two aspirations for hoping to mend this unsettling issue is by tiered copays and getting prior authorizations for specificity drugs over lower cost effective generic drugs and by controlling the cap on drug prices. The most effective of the two possibilities could be argued by the responsibilities of the federal is determined by long term and short term goals, at this time ensuring individuals are aware of costs is most desirable for the majority of society. How do we fix the rising cost of drugs? One…show more content…
“Medicare formularies have looked to create tier structures that are more complex than the two-tier framework with generic medications on tier 1 and brand medications on tier 2, and shift a greater cost burden for the patients through increased cost sharing.” (Patel, Audet, 2014) Another possibility is the federal government creates and mandates a caped pricing for all drugs, mediations and treatments. Capping the price on drugs and copays ensures that the prices don’t continue to rise to the point of being unobtainable. Some however would argue that by doing this it would create a monopoly of pricing and take away all incentive for companies to be competitive in drugs costs. Some may ask why does the federal government care, well because its simple they have the responsibility to ensure good public order and ensure economic stability. The federal government also has the ability to cut cost through systems and policies such as Medicare and the Affordable Care Act by making copays for individuals cheaper and ensuring the local doctors, clinics and facilities prescribe the most effective affordable
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