Synthesis Essay On Media Bias

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With a growing amount of division amongst United States citizens seemingly on the rise, there could not be a more inopportune time for the media to feed the people with false narratives that only lead to more issues. Whether it is called fake news, alternative facts, or absolute garbage, the rise of misleading and factually incorrect information being shared across numerous media platforms is detrimental to society. I confidently speak for a portion of Americans and myself by saying that we always attempt to receive information from credible, non-biased sources. Unfortunately, it appears that a significant amount of the United States population is ignorant to the fact that they consume fabricated stories. Part of this problem pertains to people being afraid to converse with others who have differing opinions, and this is terrible because a lack of diversity will only divide the nation further. It is up to the American people to take personal responsibility by thinking critically and seeking factual information, whether or not they are fond of the source.…show more content…
A quick search for credible sources can verify the validity of said articles, yet many people read something that supports their rhetoric and they cling onto it for quite some time. Numerous claims have been made over time that can easily be disputed by factual evidence; however, people seem to disregard logic and replace it with whatever suits their narrative. Sure, hearing something negative about one’s political party of choice can possibly shatter a fragile ego, but accepting reality is important in regard to a progressive society. No matter what side of the political spectrum one identifies with, it is crucial to fact
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