Synthesis Essay On Taking Drugs In Schools

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Through researching the current trend toward medicating students in order for them to better fit into the school system, I found the following sources that give information about the number of students given drugs to help them concentrate or perform better in school: College Students take ADHD drugs for better Performance, Students used to take drugs to get high. Now they take them to perform better in school. These three sources will help me inform you on the effects or failure of taking drugs. According to source number two, “Students Used to take Drugs to get High. Now they take them to Perform better in School” they think that students take ADHD medicine so they can take it to not get stressed over tests and other things. Doctors prescribe it to the people that need it, but the kids that have it, give it to people that don’t take it because they are getting paid for giving it to them. Students don’t just take ADHD…show more content…
The side effects they could get from taking the medication are nervousness, high blood pressure, dizziness, mouth dryness and exedra. Some medicines like Adderall and Ritalin can cause you to have side effects. Side effects can be very mild or quite drastic it just depends on the individual. People take medicine because they are overwhelmed with their academic stresses. Some take it because they don’t think they're smart enough and get crammed with work and get stressed. If they need so much help they should visit tutoring, study strategies, and get help with time management skills. The students that get prescribed medicine are monitored by their doctors. Students may ask if they can have some but you need to say no and keep it in a safe place. You can also carry just some of the pills with you but not the whole bottle. According to “Study Drugs” eighty-seven percent of people on the campus do not take study

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