Synthesis Essay On The American Dream

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Synthesis All the interviewee’s had learned that once they completed their American Dream they began pursuing what they truly valued. The thoughts between the interviewee’s were very similar where as you aged your values that define your American Dream change. It’s the experiences that each person endured that continued to shape the way they defined their American Dream. As each person ages the learn more about themselves and they learn more about what is truly valuable to them. When you are young and entering University or College that is the first time you really begin to learn about yourself. Many of the ideologies were similar, “to have wealth and to live comfortably” were the thoughts of Tiger’s Grandmother. This was similar amongst many people at the beginning of what they defined as…show more content…
Julie achieved her American Dream with the success and wealth she obtained throughout her life. When she moved onto the next chapter of having children it shifted her values and what she defined as success. It was no longer about achieving her American Dream but to help her children achieve theirs. Julie knows the difficulties of achieving success in today’s society, “A university education doesn’t guarantee that a student will get a good job, even a full time job and there are less benefits and more competition for positions now than ever before.” Julie also knows that continuing to make more money and grow her success is not what would make her happy, instead growing her children’s success is what is going to make her happy. It is important for everybody to figure out what they value the most because that is going to shape them into becoming who they are and finding happiness in their life. It is important for people to learn this at any age because many people will continue to base their life off of having the nicest car or having the biggest house. That is not going to bring you happiness and no matter what age you are at it is never too late to find what you
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