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There has been much discussion of late about the harm that is being done to Earth. Conservation efforts are being taken up by many but not all. It is strange that people can brush aside such a problem when it impacts them personally so strongly. Earth is our home and without her we have extremely limited options of survival. All humans, no matter what country they live in, should strive to help Earth go green for our own benefit and hers. America may be one of the top countries helping to keep Earth “green”, but we haven’t done enough yet. It is human nature to assume that someone else will take care of our problems for us. We let the Earth slowly degrade expecting her to heal herself. She’s been around a lot longer than us so she’ll continue…show more content…
People like Robert Samuelson who wrote, “One estimate done by economists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that meeting most transportation needs in 2050 with locally produced biofuels would require ‘500 million acres of U.S. land--more than the total of currents U.S cropland.’” (Source D) What he says is true, however biofuels are only one way to go “green”. Hydrogen cars have already been being tested for a few years now. They are extremely effective and could work but if we were to use a combination of multiple clean fuel options they would add up. This way it would only take a little of each source to be efficient for the whole world. This would make the Earth live an easier and longer life. Once the Earth dies we die unless we can build a spaceship big enough to take us somewhere else. It is in our best interest to treat her right while we can. What reason would all of us have for not treating Earth right? We are the ones who have made this mess so it should be our responsibility to clean it up. It is a matter of putting aside things that aren’t needed at the moment to focus on going “green”. We make so many inventions and pieces of new technology around every corner and that is fantastic! At least it is until it is all destroyed along with Earth. She should be our first priority and for now we must settle for that for her and
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