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Synthesis of Articles I currently work for a university that built an entire Adult Program based on the premise that their market would be the mid-level manager that already had a job. Most of the employers paid for the students to attend college in order to earn a degree. They were not going to earn a promotion, they already had the promotion and needed the degree to solidify their current position. As the job market has changed, the university had to change also and so has the enrollment of the university. Most of the students that are enrolling in the university at this time are unemployed, under-employed or trying to reinvent themselves. One of the previous admissions requirements for entrance into the university was that students had to have two years of work experience. While this was a requirement for entrance the university realized that there were many people who could not meet this requirement and therefore removed this requirement from the list of admissions requirements. Once this requirement was removed students have been accepted without having any work experience at all. Since this time students have been earning degrees and may or may not have any work experience. With the change in the economy students have been earning degree but have not been able to find employment. One of the reason that my students are finding it hard to find employment is because many of them do not know what it is that they would like to do with the degree they are earning. Another
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