Synthesis Essay: The Writing Process

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Throughout the process of developing our own position, we must draw ideas from other people. This process is called synthesis, as it involves considering various viewpoints in order to create a new viewpoint. However, it is extremely important to know as much as possible about the topic. The main point of synthesizing sources is to enter the conversation that society is having, with logical evidence to back yourself up. But, when looking for reliable source, be aware of a bias that the source might bring to the topic. A writer must analyze the rhetorical situation, even when it comes to sources and documentation. As we further develop skills in writing synthesis essays, the sources that we use will inform our position on the topic. Throughout the essay, the main event is what we have to say, your position is central. As the writer, it is your job to analyze the sources you come across, and to see which one appeals to the audience you are presenting to.
It is important to keep an open mind while reading sources, as every piece of evidence could be crucial in the development of an essay.
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That is why being able to use sources to inform an argument is crucial when writing any type of essay. I am certain that being able to efficiently use my sources to appeal to an audience would also be a contributing factor to whether or not I clearly state my position in my essay. However, it isn’t just important to have the evidence to back your claim up, you must also smoothly integrate it throughout your essay. That is why I extremely appreciate the section on, “Integrating Quotations,” that was given during this chapter. This chapter has given me a better understanding of what is means to appropriately use sources throughout my essay. Evidence doesn’t explain itself, it’s the author's job to make sure no stone gets left unturned when supporting your position with the sources he/she has
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